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Building on Ginsters market-leading position in savoury pastry, Smith & Milton were asked to deliver a new, differentiating brand positioning which would unify the communication through advertising and packaging.


Key Challenge

To dial up taste and satisfaction cues, using quality British ingredient sourcing as key messages. Expand from Ginsters male heartland into a broader family sector.

Whilst Ginsters key target consumers are men and boys, the gatekeeper for the majority of supermarkets purchases is ‘Mum’. So should we develop a brand that would appeal to both the predominately male ‘hunger gratifiers’ and additionally the ‘family’ stakeholders?


What sets Ginsters apart is that is perceived as a masculine brand. Could the brief to build on its good ingredients and distinctive recipe to appeal to a broader family audience, actually alienate the Ginsters faithfull?

In reality yes. It is a brand that has built its male presence over time. It’s strength is its singularity — big, generous, tasty products to satisfy hunger.

We believed it required a strategy that played to the simple masculine truth about the brand, and a visual and verbal identity that would send a clear signal to its audiences.


Sales increase in flagship Pasty products.

Our organising thought



There are certain brands that really know what they are all about:

  • Gillette — The best a man can get
  • Yorkie — Not for women
  • Peperami — A bit of an animal
  • Ronseal — Does what its says on the tin

No nonsense messages and no apologies for stating their big brand differences. For Ginsters, we stripped away the complexity of regionality, recipe and mundane food cues to a s singular position — Food For Hungry Men.

We worked with the Ad agency to bring the brand to life in a hearty, masculine, no frills way. We stripped the packaging to be no-fuss, just a simple presentation of the product, its name and the red logo. This we set upon the recognisable black background, or rather a charred metal baking try.

We designed a chunky typeface — Big Ginsters — to carry the all important messages. We build a folio of flashes — an unashamedly direct and proven approach to tactical messages. We created packaged Man food for the masses. But any wife or partner who knows what their bloke likes and wants, was very welcome to purchase and try.


Increase in purchase intent.



Increase in sales in the classic skills sector.

Smith & Milton


Social media support has has an 80% increase in engagement following the launch of the new packaging.

Smith & Milton
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