Brand Identity / Restaurant Identity / Campaign Identity & Implementation / Promotional Communications / Menu Design


‘Every customer should leave a Cosy Club feeling splendid’ this was the challenge set by Cosy Club MD, Jake Bishop. Our design solutions have to work to define not only what ‘Splendid’ looks like but also how it feels, sounds, tastes and smells. Restaurants and bars are after all a total sensory experience.

Smith & Milton were also tasked with redesigning Cosy Club’s entire menu suite, which included Main menus, Bar menu, Drinks, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Kids and Desserts.


Keshi Bouri, Creative Director

“With every Cosy Club comes a brand new identity. Understanding the location nuances and details that makes each restaurant unique, gives us a fantastic opportunity to create something truly splendid and ‘Cosy’.”



Quirky, eccentric and playful are just a few of the adjectives that could be used to define Cosy Club restaurant-bars. Smith & Milton have been working with Loungers since 2014 and have been responsible for every Cosy Club identity since, including all signage systems, table and window menus, A-boards, social media assets, site collateral and promotional materials.



Every Cosy Club holds its very own unique identity and personality, but what brings them together is the splendidness and exquisite style throughout the Cosy Club experience.

Every detail of the specific identity speaks of the location or building heritage, providing a individual splendidness throughout the branches whilst maintaining a consistent brand feel for customer loyalty.


Caroline Dillon, Design & Print Manager

“Having worked with them for a number of years, what I find is that they are consistently creative across all types of projects from our identities to the menus and collateral. They are always bringing fresh, new approaches to every one of our Cosy Club identities; each of the locations is unique and the team at Smith & Milton always manage to harness the uniqueness of the venue or location by bringing elements of local history and culture into identities in a subtle yet cleverly creative way, while always staying true to our brand and values.  The team at Smith & Milton are great to work with, they don’t hesitate to challenge a brief in order to get the best results for us and are always on hand to meet our demanding deadlines and expectations.”