Our Story

On 6th June 1980, while the world outside was busy watching Fame, wondering who shot JR and trying to figure out the Rubik's Cube, Smith & Milton opened its doors for business. Within a few years, the company would cut a distinctive profile in the design world.


Golden Shred is part of our design heritage, like Brasso or Golden Syrup. An image so ingrained in our minds that alteration would seem senseless. When the EEC required legislative change to the wording we undertook an act of design restoration not demolition.


Le difference between Sauce Citron and Lemon Sauce. Whilst entirely appropriate for Sharwood’s the market and the age, the introduction of the Matisse inspired brushstroke in spired a generation of freestyle copycats. Ten years later someone invented Photoshop and the circus moved on.


We reintroduced a childhood favourite, the ebonite ‘Tizer stopper’ to give extra tactility to the new ‘Dutch’ product from Burton Allied Breweries.


A standard for the debit card age. Probably our most viewed and unsung job.


Bite their heads off! Suck ‘em! Chew ‘em! The fun is in the eating, so we gave every colour its own personality.


Design that achieves a sense of timeless permanence is our goal. The brand identity has now remained intact for 28 years.


We cajoled a disparate group of companies into becoming one brand while retaining a sense of individualism.


After 35 years at the hospital bedside we added the energy to shift the brand to an everyday boost and national appeal.


Under our stewardship the worlds leading chocolate brand evolved from Rowntree to Nestle and used consistency as its appeal to grow further.


We worked with the COI, and on behalf of Action 2000, on what was either the most successful marketing campaign ever, or the biggest non-event of the 20th century. We like to think it was both.


One of the worlds forgotten luxury brands. We stripped back years of fustiness to reshape the brand into a relevant fashion retailer with wares fit for the world’s premier customers.


We created an international signpost for money exchange at every major airport in the world.


We cut through 30 years of clutter and fluff to reveal the true status of this iconic cider brand.


We delved deep into the Crabtree & Evelyn archives and found generations of beautiful hand-drawn illustration, reworking them into an opulent wrapping to deliver stunning and effective results.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of highly experienced brand and communications experts, who specialise in strategic and creative problem solving.

Jess Ellis

Business Director

Jess has over 12 years’ experience working in creative agencies, managing global accounts across multiple sectors, for brands including Nokia, Regus, NEC, CIMA, Daikin, Terrafirma and Ginsters. A highly analytical and creative thinker, she has a relentless curiosity for brand and digital, and combines her strategy expertise with a hands-on approach to leading all client projects.

Rob Wade

Group Creative Director

Rob is responsible for delivering and maintaining only the highest creative standards on all client projects, as well as leading the S&M group’s digital, customer experience and strategy. A truly international creative, with experience in the US, UK and Europe (Saatchi & Saatchi, Interbrand, Landor, Brand Union and Lambie Nairn), Rob has delivered transformative creative for some of the world’s most valuable brands, across all markets, from Credit Suisse to Pfizer.

Keshi Bouri

Creative Director

Keshi oversees and manages all creative output from his design team in the Bristol studio. He’s worked at some of the world’s most respected design and branding agencies, in the US, UK and Europe (Interbrand, Landor, Siegel + Gale, Dragon Rouge and Rufus Leonard).

Howard Milton

Founder, Chairman

Howard has been the strategic heart of Smith & Milton since he and Jay Smith opened the studio in 1980. Respected and revered in the design world and a Design Council member, he has created countless award-winning brands (Asprey, PPP Healthcare, Dulux, KitKat, Lucozade, Travelex, Unilever, Virgin… the list goes on) that are deeply woven into the cultural fabric of the UK – and the world. With creative and strategic overview of all client projects his mantra is “to build enduring brands, the creative thinking must marry consistency and discipline.”